COR Leadership Retreat

COR Leadership Retreat

The purpose of the COR Leadership retreat is to identify and develop leaders within BYX for their current spheres of influence and future endeavors. The National Staff will choose the top brothers from a pool of applicants from across the country to join us for a two-week, three-city retreat focused on growing our men spiritually, academically and professionally.

On August 1-11, the brothers will meet other brothers and National Staff for sessions focused on professional development for various business industries, health care industries and pastoral ministries. Board members will share from their experience in the professional and ministerial workplace in order to prepare the brothers for their next step after graduation.

To close out the trip, the group will drive to Almont, Colorado. The Colorado leg of the trip will feature a number of exciting outdoor experiences and team building activities.

It is our hope that brothers attending the COR Leadership Retreat would be better equipped to serve their local chapter and church, as well as gain an understanding of how they might be able to serve the fraternity after graduation on a national level.

The costs to the brothers are minimal. They will be responsible for travel expenses to the retreat and home from Colorado Springs, Colorado.