Purpose of Alumni Association:

The purpose of the Beta Upsilon Chi Alumni Association is to unite, inform and involve alumni and friends for the purpose of promoting, protecting, and preserving the Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity.

Vision of the Alumni Association:

The vision of the Beta Upsilon Chi Alumni Association is threefold.

  1. Inform: It is our aim to keep alumni as informed as possible. Through the use of social media and our website, alumni can follow our every step.

  2. Invest: It is our prayer that alumni brothers would remember the value that BYX played during their college years and choose to invest in the future of the fraternity.

    • Invest in the LEAD fund of BYX

    • Sponsor a new chapter of BYX

  3. Expand your network.

    • Connect with local alumni: Login to the alumni page to access infomation on any alumni.

    • Job Board: Login and you can search for a job or post a job opening at your company

    • LinkedIn: search Beta Upsilon Chi-Brothers Under Christ on linked in to connect with alumni brothers

Why Give to BYX?