National Officer Training

Each November, all newly elected officers gather together for a weekend of training put on by the National Staff, Executive Board and Advisory Board. It is a chance for all the officers nation-wide to worship, learn and fellowship together through activities, breakout sessions, leadership training. National Officer Training is a special time for the National Staff and Board of Directors to communicate personally with the entire body, prepare them for their tenure as officers.


The newly elected have a rare opportunity to hear from some of the fraternity's oldest and wisest members. Many of the men responsible for the founding of Beta Upsilon Chi at the Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin and beyond are given the floor to help the officers understand the vision and purpose of BYX in greater depth. These men strive to motivate the men, as well as prepare them for the challenges they will face in their term.

Breakout Sessions

In order to prepare all officers for their specific position and responsibilities within the officer body, the men are split up and led through a detailed manual for their position. Led by one of our National Advisors, each group spends a number of hours being taught how to correctly serve in their position through hands-on teaching and brainstorming with fellow officers. The breakout sessions allow officers to dive into their position and formulate ideas that are in line with the vision of the National Staff.

Battle of the Brethren

The officers get a break from the teaching sessions to compete alongside their brother chapter in hopes of calling themselves the Battle of the Brethren champions. The weekend opens with a wild night of games in which each pair of brother chapters works together to amass as many points as possible. The much anticipated dodgeball tournament is held on Saturday afternoon, in which the winner then takes on the National Staff and board members. The finale of the Battle of the Brethren is a trivia game that's come to be known as "Are You Smarter Than A Board Member?"


The whole weekend provides the officers with a chance to connect with men from other chapters. Through these interactions, the officers begin to see that what God is doing with BYX is so much bigger than just what is going on on their individual campus. The brothers are able to learn how other chapters function and where they excel, which allows them to modify their own chapter's operations and visions in a positive manner. Board and staff members are involved with the officers throughout the weekend. National Advisors are able to lay important foundations with the officers that they will be walking alongside during their tenure in office. The board members' drive and passion for BYX is evident, which motivates the officers and helps them to see the importance of the position that they have been called to.